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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Microsoft 365 Apps for Windows 10 - Installation Error (0x87D1041C)

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we deployed the "Microsoft 365 Apps for Windows 10" to a user group. (Available for enrolled devices)
The App is shown in the company App, but the installation does not work.
We get the error: "The application was not detected after installation completed successfully (0x87D1041C)"
It is not possible to edit the detection method or something else.
How can i fix this?

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We fixed it by uninstalling all Office Apps on the client and installed it again.

We have this error occur over time on all our M365 installs from Intune. It appears that M365 updates cause this error as it changes the version. The canned M365 setup from MSFT must take this into account, IMHO, and not cause fake errors in Intune.  We can't have our users reinstall something that isn't broken.

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Often see this issue when deploying the built in M365 Office deployment tool in Endpoint Manager, I would follow Ru's recommendation here and deploy as a Win32 app, this is how I do it and I have 100% success rate both as a required app and via Company Portal

It may take a few days but I'll give that a go. Thanks!


Update:  Much better!!!  Thanks for the link and thanks to Ru Campbell for the excellent blog.