MFA is required when signing in to Win10

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Have already posted this in Windows Insider forum


But after reinstalling this PC and without connecting it to Insider program still experience the same. When installing it i have provided my work Office 365 account. When signing in it requires to create a PIN. We have Office 365 E3. We don't have Intune licenses. I can't find anything related in Azure AD admin center to disable this requirement. I also don't see this PC in devices list of our org. 

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Hi Oleg,
When you sign into a Windows 10 PC using your Work Account, it is actually trying to add the computer to Azure AD.
Logon to then click on Azure Active Directory > Devices > Device Settings > "Require Multi-Factor Auth to join devices" 

Is this set to Yes?

This setting is set to No. There are a bunch of Azure AD registered devices (happens when Office 365 client is activated on Windows 10 device), but this PC is not on the list. No Azure AD joined devices on the list.