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How is personally owned defined?

We have exchange set to quarantine any new mobile device. but it seems like the outlook app "gets around" that setting and doesn't get quarantined but is approved.

So I'm looking at device restrictions to only allow users in a group to use personal iPhone and android devices. But I can't figure out what the definition of personally owned is.

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Have you looked at what conditional access can do to you? I believe that you would come a long way by using conditonal access policies to not only get control of what users and devices connect to Exchange - but to all cloud apps.

Here are some good articles:

This one describes the different enrollment methods:

This one describes conditional access:
"Personally" just means the enrollment was initiated by a user, and Intune doesn't "know" about it, If you proactively upload the serial number to Intune, and a user initiates enrollment, it should then show as a "corporate" ,