MDMFull vs MDMFullWithAAD

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I have two Azure Registered devices (local domain joined).

They are both joined to Intune MDM automatically using the add work/school account.


However, in MDMdiagnostics one is "MDMFull" and the other is "MDMFullWithAAD".

The first receives powershell scripts (though no win32) and the latter does not.

I can't find ANY info on "MDMFull" at all, and I have no idea why they differ? They are both domain and NOT Azure AD joined machines.

My true Azure AD joined machines are MDMDeviceWithAAD.



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So apparently, using the "Enroll only in device management" instead of the "CONNECT" button, gives the MDMFull and allows powershell to work on even workspace joined accounts (AD registered only devices).



I think even Microsoft employees don't know anymore.

Is there any way to get users who used the CONNECT button to become MDMFull, so we get Intune Management Extension support?