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Good Day,


I am looking into implementing MDM or Intune in 2021 to manage my 20 Andriod and iOS devices and maybe, later on, manage around 30 Windows 10 laptops.


Which would be the best option? I read about a year ago that Intune has issues managing either Andriod or iOS devices in some way but can't find any information anymore.


Has anyone set up either MDM or intune in a small environment and what issue should I be looking out for.



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@julianhainesin the past it did had some issues but with recent changes and updates it is much mature to use it,


will suggest readying the following 3 articles from Microsoft before you get started


1- Intune step by step starter


2 - Manage IOS and IPad devices


3 - Manage Andriod Devicess


read all the three articles test 1-2 devices from each system and practice up to your needs and requirements i am sure if you give a positive try you will get it....


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