MDM Compliance policies can't assigned to devices issue

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We're created MDM compliance policies for mobile devices and assigned that policies to mail-enabled security group of org members. We have used basic mobility & security subscription and didn't happened error before September 2021. However, android 11 devices can't able to enroll to Intune company portal app after updated in last week of September causes google API 3.0 error. Always prompt password doesn't meet compliance policies. 

Therefore, I opened case to MS support to solve that issue and reached to their support engineer. finally, I known that's global issue and affected just only android 11 devices.

But also iOS devices can't able to enroll Intune even thought assigned MDM compliance policies. I mean both android & iOS  can't able to enroll Intune app for use company resources right now. So, we just remove that group from compliance policies for temporary use. 

Why haven't been assigned compliance policies to iOS? not only android but also iOS. 


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Hi, As you are also mentioning IOS devices... what ios version and I guess the company portal version is also up to date? What kinda error are you getting?
Hello, iOS version is 15.2 and company poratal version also up to date. We have getting haven't been assigend compliance policies to this devices error for every i-devices. Thanks
Any possibility to try testing with a different kind of license?
Unfortunately, we didn’t have another choice!