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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

MDM Authority change


Hello everyone,


I'm not able to change MDM authority from O365 to Intune. All of the guides refer to some banner to pop up which is not happening in my case




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Yeah, here is the same issue!
Want to change for Intune management, but can't find any way.
Also, i want to change the default Windows Hello policy, but "save" button is greyed out
Found a way to do it!
See the threat bellow

There is a reply down that says:
"Been struggling to find the same and managed to get switched to Intune using this workaround:"

Basic, it's open de the intune for school. And then asks to change the authoroty to Intune.
Back to enterprise intune you see the MDM has changed.

Maybe using a powershell script to change it ?

$mdmAuth = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "'$OrgId')?`$select=mobiledevicemanagementauthority" -HttpMethod Get -ErrorAction Stop).mobileDeviceManagementAuthority

# Intune Instellen als MDM Authority

if($mdmAuth -notlike "intune")
$OrgID = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "" -HttpMethod Get -ErrorAction Stop)
Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "$OrgID/setMobileDeviceManagementAuthority" -HttpMethod Post -ErrorAction Stop

as mentioned in this blog