Map shared folder using endpoint manager (NO AD involved)

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so I have a couple of dozen users using Microsoft365/Office365 with Premium accounts. 

So I have setup "Endpoint Manager" to control them, deploy apps...

So the company does not have any kind of server, only laptops, using Office/Teams/Sharepoint.


But they also have a little NAS on premise for some data with 2 shared folders on the NAS. On the NAS I created local users and gave them the correct rights.


How can I map a drive eg M: to the NAS using the credentials I created on the NAS, using Endpoint Manager?




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Hi, it all depends (like it always does ) on your setup

Are the devices azure ad joined or only registered ?
Are the user admin?
Are you using Applocker

Asuming you don't block PowerShell you could create a powershell script with a simple net use x: \\server\fileshare /user:domain\username *

But its not pretty of course...

Or like I did with an admx to map network drives

Or like this

But it all depends if you could access the nas without password prompts the first time you are mounting a drive letter to it and how much users account are created on the nas...

the laptops are Azure AD joined.
The users are not admins
Applocker? I don't think so

I tried once with a powershell, but it kept complaining it was not signed.
Plus if I have like 30 different users with different passwords, it would take 30 different scripts, no?

They cannot access the mapped drive without a password, because if I would do that everyone without a user/passsword would be able to access it.

I did not test this out myself but it's worth a try . the first thing I can come up with:

You will need to create a powershell script for each user (group) to add the credentials to the credential manager one time. It would take some time..

cmdkey /add:sharedmachine /user:domainname\username /pass:password

After the credentials are added you could create a networkdrive like I did with the deliver usfrom hybrid blog