Map Network drive of NAS with an enrolled device

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Moin Zusammen,


I have the problem that with the enrollment in Intune of the notebooks I can no longer map the network drive to access the NAS. If the whole thing is created as a local account I can enter the previously assigned username and password without problems and get to my NAS.


Of course I would like to add the devices to the MDM (Intune). However, now the security portal requires email credentials. However, I cannot store these in Synology and the link fails.


Does anyone have an idea or worked through the same problem before?


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There is an option to join the NAS to Azure AD Domain Services (, but it will cost you about 100 dollars per month (Azure AD Domain Services is a service you put on top Azure AD) and you will need VPN connection from your nas location to Azure.
Was this an option for you to consider?