Managing Allowed Websites on Kiosks through Endpoint Manager

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I have kiosks, both Windows 10 and Android, that I only want a select few websites to be allowed as these will be outside of our content filter.  This can be done with with an App Configuration for managed apps but these are managed devices.


The kiosks themselves are configured and boot to the page I want.

Windows 10 is done via Windows 10 Kiosk Profile.

The android devices are enrolled with Android Enterprise.



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Hi Jason,

Are you saying the devices are managed or non managed?

If managed I think you got the config correct, I have used those two blogs in the past to set Kiosk and worked as expected.

Hope this helps!
Thanks, Moe
These are device managed devices. Both Windows 10 and Android Enterprise Tablets are working with no errors on the configuration.

What I am looking for is a way to restrict websites in a similar manner that can be done with Edge managed app.

@Jason Maclauchlan  For Android, you can create/assign an app configuration policy for managed Google Chrome to achieve this. You can use either the configuration designer or JSON editor to whitelist the allowed urls.

Hi Jason,

You can achieve this on Windows 10 using App Protection Policy. But I don’t think you can achieve it on Android.

If you're using Edge Chromium on Windows 10, it can be done with an Administrative Templates profile, using block and allow list.
Windows 10 Kiosk mode does not work with Edge Chromium.