Managed Home Screen has stopped

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It seems we have some tablets that updated to a newer version of Managed Home Screen that was is even showing as available in the Google Play Store.  The new version 87514 is not working.  The version the Play Store shows is 86821 which does work.  I need help on this issue ASAP.  I cannot revert back to the previous version via Play Store.

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Having the same problem with an increasing number of android units in my organisation. Have postponed the updates in the fleet for now and working on bringing back the malfunctioning units online. I agree that this problem needs to be adressed ASAP. My units is hostning important functions for my organisation.
We're also experiencing the same issue. Have to completely disable the managed home screen to gain access to the phone. MS, where is the QC?
Having spent the day with this problem here is my analysis.
MS relesed an update from 86821 -> 87514.
87514 seems to have been faulty, giving crash upon start. The problem here is that this crash completly hinders the ability to reach the admin setting on the device.
MS then, noticing the problem i guess, quickly relesed a new version 87707, that works.
So im finding myself factoryreseting the devices that got the 87514 installed to be able to install the 87707 app.
I was able to update to 87707 on multiple devices and it seems to have fixed the issue. I turned on auto update again for the app and now see some devices grabbing 87708, hopefully that one isn't broken. It doesn't exist yet according to the Play Store.