Managed Google Play Store Web App not syncing to Intune

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I have created a Managed Google Play Store Web App that is not syncing to Intune. I followed the instructions provided in this link: I am able to sync Google Play Store Apps and Private apps, but Web Apps don't seem to work. Has anyone had success using these?

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Hello @_PRyan

did you assign the web app to user or device group? 

do you see the web app in the “”all App” blade? 

the deployed devices info, did you check if there’s an error while installing the app in the device? 

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Shady Khorshed 

@ShadyKhorshed The web app doesn't show up in the All Apps pane so I cannot even attempt to assign it.

Hello @_PRyan,

does that mean, every time you create a web app it does not sync in all app? 

try to make a manual sync, if not, then you might wanna open a ticket


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Shady Khorshed 



Yes, a manual sync doesn't do it either. I did open a ticket just waiting to get a call lined up. 

@_PRyan , it looks like this issue impacts a large number of intune tenants. will interesting to read MS statement. 

keep us updated! 

Best Regards

Shady Khorshed 

Happening to me also. A manual sync does not resolve the issue. Clicking Select on the Web App after it has been created also does nothing. I've raised a support request with MS: #2308200030000891


Edit: I was able to resolve this issue by disabling my AdBlocker, opening the new Web App once created, clicking Select (nothing happens) then clicking Sync. Web App now appears in Intune.

This worked for me, Thanks
Create web app > go back to web app > click select > then sync

this method works for me