Managed Google Play does not show all assigned Apps (Long sync issue?)

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Hi there,

i've the problem that I'd uninstalled the outlook app as it was assigned as "Required". It looks like that I can remove required apps, but do not see them in the google play store (work profile) which is very bad.


After 6 hours(!) the App install Status for Outlook in the Intune Admin Center was still "Installed". I'd pressed a lot of times the sync button and everythings looks fine there - but the status was wrong.


After I switched the assignment to "Uninstall" after 30 mins the status went now correctly to "Not installed".


So now I want to install back the Outlook app from the play store. So it is assigned:


But in thegoogle play store of the work profile the Outlook app does not appear even after 6 hours ago.

I've heard from a sync interval from 8hours for new assignments ( which is total horrible.

Can anybody say or confirm that assignment of apps to managed google play does always that long?

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Hi @ConstantinLotz.,


Once you change the app install intent, then it should be reflected at the device level at next check-in. This should be visible in "managed apps" blade for that particular device. You can also use graph API calls to check the timestamps for the change in app install intent. 


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