Managed Google Play - creating App weblink for Android fails

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Dear Community,


I am trying to setup an App weblink for Android devices,


App type: managed google play app

Add a web app: with Title/URL/Display/

as soon as I want to upload the image, I get the message:

An error occurred while saving the app. Please ensure that your image is a png or jpg (ideally 512px square) and has max size 1 MB or smaller
The size is correct .. is this a bug?
Unfortunately, it prevents me from publishing the App.
Thanks for any help.


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We have exactly the same problem, tried both JPG, PNG & no upload. Even tried using a past image which worked 100% fine with a previous app and still has the same error.


I opened a Support Ticket and keep you informed.

Cheers Karin

Hi, Did you manage to publish the weblink ? I am getting the same error.


Yes. The icon appeared suddenly after a while.

The link itself is not functional . I honestly gave up after a while, since it was not working at all.


After testing different scenarios  with Android Systems (like Managed Home Screen) I came to the conclusion, that there is a limitation regarding functionality for non- Windows Systems.