Managed App Showing as Restricted App

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We have made whatsapp messenger as the managed app on few of our iOS devices.


Now since few days, we have started seeing whatsapp as the restricted app on those devices and due to this Whatsapp is not able to read contacts (only numbers getting displayed) which are saved on iphones (Screenshots attached).


To test, we tried with Viber app and it was able to read contacts from managed application and the problem persists with just whatsapp application.


The iOS device restriction setting: Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts account has also been set to Yes.


Any suggestion on how this could be fixed?

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I don't know if whatsapp messenger is accepting the IntuneMAMUPN but... maybe worth trying like I described it in a blog


COuld you share your app protection policy settings? how you targetted the devices

We haven't actually created any app protection policy settings in Intune. It was just the iOS device restriction policy which was in place where Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts account is set to Yes.
Okay... so we can rule out app protection policies :) how are the devices enrol. I guess I was also reading the question wrong. I can be wrong but from ios 11.3, unmanaged apps can't access managed contacts anymore. Maybe making sure the contacts are managed by syncing them with outlook?

UPDATE: reading this blog.. says the same indeed