Manage Windows Unified Write Filter (UWF)

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We are using Intune to manage 50 Windows PCs in a public lab environment. Our plan is to use Windows Unified Write Filter on these computers so that any changes made by a user will be cleared on reboot. Is there a way to configure/manage Unified Write Filter with Intune?

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No replies? Why is there no information on managing devices with UWF under Intune? Surely someone out there is doing this.

@LeoPete08 seconding this question. I managed to get a great UWF setup for a single use device. I'd love to be able to issue this over Intune to many devices.

@Adam_Patterson unfortunately it looks like UWF is not supported with intune. From 


Intune does not currently support managing UWF enabled devices. For more information, see Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature.

I'll continue to hold out hope that Microsoft decides to add support for UWF in the future, since I see a definite use-case for a managed single use device. Meanwhile, you might look into the intune single-app or multi-app kiosk mode in case either of those would work for you. It doesn't for me unfortunately.

@ameyer85 Why not just use a shared device profile in Intune with only a guest account, remove local storage, and block admin tools such as powershell, cmd, and registry. 


the guest account profile is automatically removed sign out or restart. People can still download to the download folder, but it will be erased after signing out.