MAM WE and calendar sharing

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We are planning to roll-out the policies for conditional access (MAM without enrollment). Is it possible to block legacy mailcliënts without blocking the calendar? Users want to share their Outlookcalendar to Google without restrictions.

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@Harry Dubois unfotunately, that is not possible, because calendar is a part of Exchange. So if you create policy with requirement to us "approved app" that will affect calendar as well.

However, not sure what do you mean by "share". 

Thanx Alexander, I was just give it a try ;-). Sharing the Outlook calendar: I mean the use of the Outlook calendar in a native non-microsoft app of a mobile phone. The use of conditional access blocks the Outlook calendar.
I know that sharing the ics file is possible, also looked at the Flow option, but that is not a user friendly solution. Also the sync is not 2-ways.