MAM | App seeking permission to access contacts

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I created MAM policy and marked few of our corporate applications as protected.
Now when trying to open OneDrive App (protected) and access a file, it prompts for permission to access contacts.
Is there a way we can avoid this prompt as we don't want our apps to access contacts.
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Hi AnuragSrivastava,

Are you on Android or IOS? Can you attach a screenshot? I’ve been using MAM policies, never ran to this issue, also don’t see it under my OneDrive app permission.


Its strange it prompts you for permissions maybe this could be a solution? TO create a managed device policy to specify some auto grant for some type of permissions?





This is an Android device. I have attached the screenshot, since this is a corporate we don't want allow the app to seek permissions for personal contacts.

In our case, the device is not enrolled to Intune, we are just managing it through MAM.

Is it a mandatory feature for apps to require permission to contacts.
Is the below (Screenshot) configured? If yes, can you please change it to not Require-

Work or school account credentials for access

I think it asks for access to Contact to find any work or school account under the users contact.

Hope it helps!
Looking at the screenshot you send, this is something else than an app seeking app contact permissions and indeed looks more what Moe has replied.

The value for Work or school account credentials for access is already set to Not Required, still getting the same prompt while accessing the file.
Do you have app configuration policies configured? I don’t think this prompt is coming from App Protection Policy, I would review the group assignment in case it used by another policy within Intune.


@Moe_Kinani I haven't configured the app configuration policy. Any particular settings which I would need to have in place under app configuration policies.

No need if you don’t have it configured. Can you create new policy with only one device group and see if you see the prompt? I did the same setting on my end (Android) and didn’t receive the prompt.