MAM and MDM question

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I have played around with MAM policies for Windows 10. I am know playing around with windows 10 personal enrollment.


Does MAM and MDM play nice together? Unsure if MAM is for non enrolled devices only or can be with MDM enrollment?

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MAM for Managed devices --> Windows information protection. MAM-With enrollment
So yes MDM and MAM go well together... but in my opinion, I don't really like WIP but that's my opinion I guess.

Maybe this blog helps you better understanding how aadr - aadj -mam and mdm work
That is an awesome post thank you. bookmarked it.

I actually also forgot to ask, but Application protection policies in Intune. I can see you can do them for with and without enrolled devices. Are they any good? Not sure if i should stay clear of them and instead work with the configuration policies in Intune?
Thanx.. if you look at my blog, you will notice app protection categories. It contains the information you need to know about managed and unmanaged mobile devices and app protection policies.