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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Mail notification when device is enrolled in intune




one of my customers has the requirement to get automatic email notifications when a new device gets enrolled in intune. I didn't find any information regarding that requirement in the intune documentation. 

Does anyone know, if that is possible?



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That is currently not available in Intune. Please submit your suggestion here:

Our engineering team actively monitors ideas from our customers and partners.







I have the same request and this was the first post that came up. Has it been implemented?


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Jens Backeman

Looks like Vladimir is working on Google now, so i don't think he will provide answer.


At the moment i don't see that option in my tenant and in User Voice this topic is still "Under Development"

Thank you for a quick response Alexander, then I'll stop looking :)
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In case anyone else stumbles into this thread, there is capability now in Intune to do this:
I've read through the link you provided but can't see how this would work. The original question was "get automatic email notifications when a new device gets enrolled in intune.". Intune can send a notification if the device is Non-Complaint but I don't see how it would send a notification if the device is complaint and enrolls correctly. From a security perspective, this would useful in detecting if a user's credentials have been used to enroll a bad actor's device.
:) It depends... not sure if it would work but... most of the times when you are requiring Bitlocker (DHA) it would be non compliant on the first enrollment as it needs another reboot to report back the good PCR values... So I guess when the devices enrolls, it will get noncompliantthe first time and maybe it should send an email. But again Just reading the solution and the question... not sure if it also works on new devices...