MACOS Erase from enrolled Device


Hi All,


Has anyone tried the erase function below for a MACOS device that's been enrolled in Intune as per below?




The process seems to work as follows

- The device is removed from Intune as expected

- The device restarts and appears to have been wiped, but then fails to start and shows the following




The macBook's I have tested on are as follows

- running the latest version - Mojave

- have filevault turned on

- are circa 2017.


I suspect this may have something to do with the macbook trying to install the original OS (possibly sierra) from the recovery partition and it fails. Possibly something to do with the change in file system between versions?


Ideally I would like the erase function to return the MacBook to a fresh installation of Mojave.


Any help appreciated





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Tested it, as I just have a test-device at hand and after asking for the PIN, it showed a flashing "folder"-icon with a question-mark on it.

It seems that this is the expected behavior.

By pressing Command+R you can initiate the reinstall of the operating system, but it does not seem, that it starts up with a fresh installation without user-interaction