Mac OS X disk encryption with Intune

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Is there a possibility to encrypt the disk (FileVault) of an Mac OS X device by using Intune? I read something about Apple Configurator, to create a profile and deploy it with Intune. But I cannot find information on how to setup such a profile for disk encryption. Anybody have a good article about this? Or another good solution to encrypt a harddisk on a Mac?





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This look like somewhere to start

Some offical apple documentation


Haven't done it myself so no experience.

Thanks! But this guy is using Casper, I`m looking for a solution based on intune (if possible).

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@Peter Klapwijk This feature is currently in development and is expected to be released this year.


Till such time you can use the mac device compliance policy and set the "Encryption of data storage on a device to require". This will prevent users from storing company data on their device unless it is encrypted.

@Pramiti Bhatnagar Ok! Better late than never ;)

@Pramiti Bhatnagar @Peter Klapwijk 

and my initial tests with the policy were successful :thumbs_up:




@Oliver Kieselbach do you know what will happen if I already have custom profile deployed to enforce Filevault? 

Hey @Alexander Vanyurikhin,


honestly I don't know. I guess it could potentially conflict but don't know. I think you need to do some tests in a lab environment...


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