Looking for training - introduction to Intune


Looking for maybe in the MVA but training and introduction to Intune. I want to be able to understand what is the product for and it's services.


Started at this office, and they have outside support for Intune, but later I will have to support it and run it.



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Hi Jerry,


I'm not aware of a specialized training but what I can truly recommend is to read carefully the docs.microsoft.com sites for Intune as they are pretty good.


A good starting point is:

What can Intune do for my company?



Microsoft and the community is doing a great job in documenting the features. You can even provide feedback for it.




Jerry, I may help you one on one session over Microsoft Intune Overview! Let me know how we can proceed for the same.


Thank you.


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Hi Jerry,


Lynda.com have some Intune training which might be useful - can't tell you too much about it as I've only just started going through it myself.




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