Looking for MS references on setting up Edge as a default browser on IOS devices

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Is it possible to use Edge as a default browser on IOS/IPAD for corporate applications and documents? 

Example : if i use corporate apps like concur or workday or viewing any sharepoint link in teams, it should take me to Edge. 


But if i try to access E-commerce sites, it should take me to Safari or Chrome. 


Please guide policy setting and MS references. 

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There is no direct way to influence the default browser on iOS from MDM. You could use the App Protection Policy (APP) Container, if your business apps are in the APP container you can set the key 'Restrict web content transfer with other apps' with the value 'Microsoft Edge'

Microsoft explains it like this: "Microsoft Edge: Allow web content to open only in Microsoft Edge."

So all APP business contents will only use Edge and all non-business stuff, outside APP container, can user whatever the user pleases.