Logon Loop on Teams / OneDrive

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Hi All


Strange one here.


Deployed apps to AE Work Profile, apps deploy ok, but when the user tries to logon to Teams, OneDrive etc he gets presented with Sign In / Sign Out.


Removed the User account and tested with Test User and this works fine.


I have Microsoft looking at this now but just wondered if anyone has seen something similar?


Info appreciated.

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@Stuart King Hi Stuart, Wanted to know if you had any update regarding this issue you reported. 

We are having the same problem with the Teams login on the Work Profile. We are having the app remaining on a Sign-in Sign-Out loop too. Opened also a case to Microsoft to look but if you would have any feedback about your issue it would be appreciated. 




Oh this was a mysterious one.

Have a look at your license assignment for the effected user(s) and compare it with a similar user the DOESN'T have the issue. Is the effected user licensed Direct or Group? Try changing it.


@Stuart King Thanks Stuart, 


We dont use direct assignment for the licenses but only sec group inheritance. 


All users have licenses on this way. Microsoft 365 E5 to be precise. 


So even that everyone is having the same type of assignment some are having the problem and some not. 





Like I said, it's  a tricky one!


Try changing an effected user to Direct licensing for testing and make sure that your license groups AREN'T nested.