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Is there any way to incorporate a desktop icon into a LOB app deployment? There's the section for a logo that appears in Company Portal, but no obvious options for a desktop icon. The app I'm testing deploys a desktop shortcut, but comes with the blank default icon. It may seem trivial, but for some end users a desktop icon is kind of "


I know this is doable with Win32 Apps via Powershell, which is how we've been doing it for SCCM.


I like the convenience of a LOB deployment when the app is a simple .msi 

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Hi... Good question... but I guess you know the answer :) ... when choosing a lob app there is not much you can choose, you can select the msi and upload it....

If you choose to convert the msi to a win32 app and combine it with powershell you can add way much more.. but you already know that :)

Hi @Jon Gertken


I totally agree with @Rudy_Ooms_MVP. The options you have with LOB is limited.


If you want to ceate desktop icons you have to switch to Win32 apps. You can wrap your MSI with the Win32 app tool, otherwise you have to repackage your MSI or maybe you can edit the MSI with ORCA but I am not a packager. I cannot help you with that and I don't know if it works.


Peter has written a blog how MSI can be deployed as a Win32 app.

Deploy customized Win32 apps via Microsoft Intune – All about Microsoft Endpoint Manager (petervande...


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