Linux Edge - does not recognize device

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Hi, anyone have solution for how to Clean/Reset or whatever with Edge so Edge recognize intune-portal without reinstalling it? 

Basically, Linux is added into Intune but Edge still does not recognize device (account/profile logged in and synced). 





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We have the same issue on some clients, and I could reset the Intune registration status by:

  1. close all running Intune Portal instances
    to be sure: pkill -f intune-portal
  2. remove the client registration from intune-portal
    find ~ -iname '*intune*' | xargs rm -vr
  3. start intune-portal and re-register the client (as you would with a new client)

But this only helps temporarily, Edge will complain that these devices are not registered again after a while (a day or so). I could not find a permanent fix to that until now.

Situation here is.
If we remove User Profile in Edge than it'll start to work (no complaints after that). But I don't see that as a permanent solution as user's love their favorites, history, ....
Hey, looks like I found issue. if you wanna test.

Take a look at: ~/.config/intune/registration.toml << file
device_hint = Intune ID
aad_device_hint = Azure AD ID

So Azure AD ID and Intune Device should exist and Intune should be mapped with Azure ID.
If user have multiple Devices under it's username in registration you will have Azure ID that cannot be mapped to Intune Device and intune-agent retrieving non-interactive silent token for device that does not exist in Intune and you will have Graph errors.

Try this:
* delete Linux devices under problematic user in Azure AD
* delete user Linux device in Intune
* remove ~/.config/intune/registration.toml
* run intune-portal and register device again (now everything should be Ok and Azure AD should be mapped to Intune)

I did not find (yet) how to just modify registration.toml to correct Azure AD ID and retrieve token so intune-agent can work without the need for new registration.