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Is there a construct like link order in group policy we can use within Intune configuration profiles or setting catelog? Even a priority weight would be great for what the wining configuration item is set to! I have seen generally if there is a conflict settings just don't set....
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Hi Nigel,

The answer is No. Device Compliance polices always win vs Configuration policies.

Intune has no resolution for Config Profile conflict at this time, you need to fix it manually. The main reason is because it's not easy to decide what should win due to the variety of settings.

I would recommend using exclusion to prevent the conflict.

Hope this helps!
I have been an Advanced Group Policy administrator (AGPM) for 25 years and currently manage 100,000 hospital computers across 8 domains with about 500 policies that are required for computer software which is different per hospital.

We have been asked to transition the policies into our Intune Instance but Intune has no way to set priority on link order?

We need the link order ability. There is no way that we cannot have policies that have no "priority" attached to them?

Trying to sell people a Hyundai Pony as a replacement for a Ferrari just isn't going to work.

When will Microsoft get it together and implement a Link order system? It can easily be done with something similar to the TAG system.

Priority 1 is always top priority
Priority 2 etc

So you can assign Tags to policies and then prioritize them.

I mean we have had Link order since Windows 2000 so 22 years now. I am sure Microsoft coders can figure out how to setup their website to prioritize policies.


I completly agree with you, Microsoft needs to implement this feature Asap.