licensing concept: ABM-locations and intune scopes

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this is very much a conceptual stage, I currently do not have access to ABM (yet).


Several departments want to by the same app with Apple, which could be turned into several locations in ABM, one for each department. Location "department a" would get 10 licenses, location "departent b" would get 5 licenses.

There would be a token for each location, both tokens would be added to intune. In intune, those tokens will get different scopes, one for "department a", the other for "department b".


Given the documentation I read, this should work, but I can't find the documenation to answer the big question:

will intune combine those licenses to "there are 15 licenses in total, available to both department a and departent b" or will intune keep the separation of "10 licenses for department a and 5 for department b"?


Or thinking more generally, independent of the store, considering android and microsoft was well: department a get 10 licenses in January, valid a year, department b gets 5 in July, valid a year. How would you prepare in order not to get into trouble, once department a's licenses expire?


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