latest ios Outlook App version 4.6.0 does not sync email.

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Hello All,

Has anyone experiences sync issues with Outlook app enrolled with Intune?

This is happening since the latest release 4.6.0 app on iOS devices. 

Relogin to company portal is the work around. 

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@hsoni632  Hi, we had a similar issue but on our iDevices since outlook 4.6 was puched out. The outlook app would open but not refresh mail. Our fix was to remove exchange account and readd. Out devices are enrolled in AirWatch


We have the same issue and are not using InTune.  So far the only fix has been to uninstall and reinstall the ios app.  Seems to only solve the issue for 24 hours.   I have opened a ticket with Microsoft - but hoping to hear from others if a fix has been identified.  

@tseddon126  Yes, issue does exist. We opened MS case and they confirmed. Outlook product group working on this. We have Intune and XenMobile.

@dbardwell I have seen in the logs, outlook is unable to refresh authentication token. Basically token gets expired and outlook can't refresh it's own.

Workaround : Reset the account from outlook settings --> office 365 account --> reset account helps.


So far same user did not report back the issue. 

Just FYI if you weren't already aware.  version 4.7 came out this weekend and fixed the issue.  @hsoni632