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We've some Windows 11 Pro and Windows 10 Pro computers, all enrolled on Intune. We applied a configuration to all computers, and one of this configurations is show last logon info. In Windows 10, sometimes displays this info. On Windows 11, it seems it doesn't work because never shows anything. I checked Group Policies, and Local Security Policies, and this directive is enabled correctly via Intune. Also, if we tried to log in and Internet fails, it appears an error message saying Windows can't retrieve last login info, and policy says it should appear, therefore we can't log on computer. When Internet works again, this message disappears, and we can log in normaly, but still without seeing last login info. Is this working on Windows 11 or this feature was removed?


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Hi @Christian_Davila


Sorry if misunderstanding your question. Where do you expect to see the Last Logon info?  Do you use Defender? These info can be easily found in Security Center



Hi @Moe_Kinani,


I mean this option on intune:



When enabled, it must show a screen with last login info, such time, or if it works or fails. And in fact, it is working on one of the computers, which is running Windows 10. The others, running Windows 11, doesn't display anything.




Can you check the reg below added to the Win 11 machine?




Hello @Moe_Kinani


Yes, it's checked:




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After testing in my lab, mostly this feature isn’t supported in Win 11.


Thank you very much for your help and confirmation, @Moe_Kinani . This was I suspected.