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KB5005101 CSPs added Reference

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The Windows 21H2 release indicates that 1400 CSP additional have been added to 21H2 but also into 20H2/21H1 via September 2021 rollups name KB5005101. Looking through the notes for KB5005101 I find n reference to any CSPs added! is there a reference for this to see whats been added? 

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They mean the ADMX-backed policies (not all of them were added in September)

you can find the reference in KB5005101 under "Windows 10, version 2004", which means it apply to all 1904x-based versions
i guess they highlighted it for version 21H2 for more distinguishment, and also to shed light on new MEM Settings Catalog

you can find similar announcement (like KB5005101) in Insider Preview Build 20185 blog (they listed the added policies in this case)