joining devices from on-premise to be managed in intune but be-able to access on-premise shares

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Hi all,


I want to manage devices which are currently managed by Active Directory in Intune however these devices currently use an app which requires a shared area to be linked to the devices. 


is this possible? 


I have had a quick look into AD connect and it looks quite complicated regarding our situation as we already have the users created in AAD 

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Hi Rudy @Rudy_Ooms_MVP , So with AD connect I can use Azure Ad Join that can get SSO to our on-premises domain even when using Windows Hello?

Can I set up AD connect with a few devices / users rather than everyone to start?



Yep.... and Yep (you can scope the azure ad connect to a specific ou)

I am only speaking about the identity ... no need to include the device (otherwise you are going hybrid and that is something you don't want)