iTunes version 12.13.1 packaging on Intune

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Hi All, 

I am trying to package the iTunes version 12.13.1 via Intune and push it on company portal. 

Has anyone done this before? If so can you please share your experience ?

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{3B83EFCD-D479-463A-9838-E0E3BA5FB31C}

Uninstall String: MsiExec.exe /I{3B83EFCD-D479-463A-9838-E0E3BA5FB31C}


Installed the .MSI after extracting the downloaded file. 



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I suggest that you look at using the latest store applications from Apple like "Apple Devices" (and possibly Apple Music & Apple TV depending on your use case) instead of packaging iTunes. You can deploy Apple Devices through Intune using the App Type "Microsoft Store app (new)".


iTunes isnt available on my Microsoft Store app (new) in Intune, hence I am trying to package it as an Win32 app. 


Apple has replaced iTunes with these "new" applications, that is the reason why you can't find it in the Store anymore. Check this article for more information:
When it was written "Apple Devices" was in "Preview" but the "Preview" label was removed from the application name a couple of months ago. You can use "Apple Devices" to Sync/Backup your Apple devices.



Hope you are well!

Any chance you could assist me with this one?
My environment already has an old version of iTunes, I am trying to package a new version and supersede the old version. I am experiencing this error after the application was installed. 
The application was not detected after installation completed successfully (0x87D1041C)

Any advice/suggestions you have for me to get this one working. 

Thanks in advance. 

Your detection rule for the newer version isn't working, what do you use? File or registry and how does that look?


Thanks for jumping in, I am using the registry as the detection rule. 


And that key is there when manually removing the old version and installing the new one? How does your detection look like in Intune>



I am not really looking to remove the old one at this stage yet. 

What I am trying is to get the new version work and then supersede the old one. 
What I have tried earlier is to package the .EXE file using the above registry as the detection rule, also have tried the .MSI file, neither of them worked. 

Would you have any suggestions for me please?

You could try the file to which the shortcut in the start menu points and use a version check on that? Do file detection and instead of present, do a version check on that



The version that I have here is

Is that the same version you have ?
Did this work on your sandbox environment?



If that's the version number that you see in the properties of the executable (right click, properties...), then you can use that in the file detection part as a version string check with that number and an equal operator



I tried that using both registry and files as the detection key, doesn't seem to be working for some reason. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Could you show us your file detection settings screenshots and the properties of the executable with the properties tab with the version visible?


Here is the screenshot from the properties of the executable with the properties tab, did you also want the screenshot from the Intune settings which I used ?




And the details tab too please
The Details tab of the properties of the iTunes.exe :) (To see the version)

@Vijay0896 I think your detection should be something like this based on the version:




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You could use the steps from this website , check the "iTunes Silent Install (EXE) on 64-bit System (Version and Newer)" chapter. Install and uninstall scripts plus detection script there. Use the Apple iTunes NonInteractive Install (PowerShell) and Apple iTunes Silent Uninstall (PowerShell) from the links there.

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