Itune - Below points are compliant?

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Please mention are these points full compliant /Partially comliant/Non Compliant  1 Microsoft Intune Device Management feature to make sure the organization's data stays protected and can isolate organization data from personal data. 2 Microsoft Intune Application Management feature to protect organization data at the application level, including custom apps, store apps, organization-owned devices, and personal devices.

3 Hardware inventory feature to collect detailed information about the hardware of devices in the organization. 4 Software inventory feature collects and reports information about the files that are stored on client computers in the organization. 5 Asset Intelligence tools are used to collect inventory data and monitor software license usage in the organization. 6 Remote control feature to remotely administer client computers from the Configuration Manager console. 7 Reporting feature used the advanced reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services from the Configuration Manager console. 8 Software metering monitor and collect software usage data from Configuration Manager clients whether software is used after it's installed. 

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Sorry, but the list of questions seem to be coming straight from an RFP. Without knowing the context and actual requirements, it will be wrong for me to comment any further, but I will like to state one thing that Intune is not a direct replacement for ConfigMgr.

@rahuljindal-MVP  MEM Solution Requirements:  please see attached and reply earliest as you can.

I was wondering why you were posting these lines of text without any question asked :) ... But I agree with Rahuljindal....
This is not the place for dropping stuff that looks like job interview questions :p
perfectly wrong you are.
So enlighten us on what these types of questions are? So if you could tell us the context we could help you