Issues with new PFX Certificate Connector




due to issues with our old machine providing PFX connector i had to deploy a new machine using the latest version of PFX Connector (6.2008.60.612). In Whats New with Intune i found that the new connector provide PFX and PKCS in one with no need to install others connectors.


For preperation i set read and enrollment rights on the certificate template and the ca itself to the machine account hosting the new PFX Connector, i installed the connector, logged into Intune and see it is enrolled in Intune marked green. After some time the connector in Intune went to Red error state and the UI of the connector on my server tells me: "An error occured while connecting to Intune Service. Error code is 0x80070057". The machine hosting the connector has no proxy or anything blocking outbound connections, the new client is not providing any logfiles and i feel a bit helpless what todo now :(


Anyone have an idea how to debug the issue?

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