Is there a way to create a dynamic secgroup based on the membership of a distribution list?

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Unique scenario I'm trying to figure out: we have SSO enabled on a 3rd party platform that leverages Entra/AzureAD for the idP. We just tested it and everything works great. So now I'm being asked to roll it out to everybody who is part of a certain group, which happens to be a distribution list. 


Since I cannot leverage the distribution list in the SSO app (must be a sec group), I was hoping I could create a dynamic security group in Entra that would essentially just mirror that distribution list. They DO email to that list occasionally so the group does need to be mail-enabled, which I know is not an option with Entra secgroups. 


Is there some creative way around this or am I stuck needing to maintain two manual groups? 

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Haven’t tried with a DL group, but this may help.

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