is there a settings to 'add shortcut to onedrive' in any of the MDM policy settings

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we have setup adding shared libraries to onedrive when users enrol thier windows 10 devices.  This has been working great over the years.


But we have been advising users to use the 'add shortcut to onedrive' when they have been shared a folder or document library internally and externally (i believe this is not an option externally yet).  And it looks like a linked folder via the link overlay on the icon - nice!


This seems to be a much better and cleaner way to access shared libraries and user folders within a single onedrive interface (desktop, web and mobile). 


Is there a way we can have a shared folder automatically added like a linked folder/add to onedrive shortcut for new and existing users?  We understand if this is not a MDM/MAM setting and possibly a setting elsewhere.  Power Automate maybe?



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Not that I know of. It could also be hard, because when you have sharepoint sites mounted in onedrive, you will need to remove them first before you add the shortcut. Another problem would be, duplicate names... Sometimes you need to change the shortcut name first, before you could add another shortcut... I like the question... I am curious if anyone knows if it could be done
yes, I will do more research and would be intrigued if it can be done.

currently, when you remove a library / shared folder from the onedrive app (settings-->account-->stop synching), the folder still exists and you have to remove it manually - which can be problematic as you will need to kill of some processes etc.

When you remove the shortcut however, it will actually remove remove the folder from the onedrive app as well. A much cleaner and smoother way for users for sure!

with the duplicate names, thats something we need to test if we ever have to deploy the setting. however, this should not be an issue for new user onboarding experience.

Indeed, new users would not expierence this issue..THe only location (so far I know) where this setting is stored on the local device would be

Inside the 234234234234.ini file. There is a difference if you compare them
AddedScope --> shortcut
LibraryScope --> teams mount

Luckily users only need to configure this once... if they got a new device... the shortcut would be added also
Hi, did you manage to get this to work?

@Daniel Baird 


we did tests and unfortunately, this did not work.  we looked at other automation workflows so users can start it off (desktop powerautomate).  its not a massive deal, but it would be great to have them signed in onedrive can automatically add the link

MS Intune can configure multiple SPO library sync in OneDrive by configuration profile ("Configure team site libraries to sync automatically") option.
It's a little different, but might also come in handy.
More info:
the spo library sync will not add shortcuts to onedrive. We ware hoping to have a solution where it can add shortcuts to onedrive rather than using the older synch library approach