Is there a better way to upload a large Win32 app to MEM?

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It's painful to upload a Win32 app larger than 5GB to MEM now.


I have a total 300Mbps upload bandwidth, but the upload process always uses less than 5Mbps in average.


Even the worse, the process can't keep itself running in more than 1 hours.


Is there a better way to do this?


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Okay, it failed again.


Lasted about 2 hours this time.


So sad.




Have you tried to upload the installation into Azure Storage Account, then call the installer using PowerShell.




No, I never tried that way and I don't think it's better.


Because it seems lacking some featuers like installation detection, app update and replacement.


I prefer not to use script deployment in Intune, until there's no choice, since the mechanism is without guarantee.



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i remembered i read somewhere that if have win32 app larger than 5gb, can request intune helpdesk to up the limit for the tenant.
It’s 8 gb now, you can request more if above 8. The issue is the upload timesout after one hour using the gui, so the file needs to upload before it timesout.




The links you shared are very useful.


I just succeeded in uploading by checking the process every 20 mins in last 3hours.


Barely acceptable because it's a one-time work.


Thank you for information sharing anyway.

Please note: Upload is 1 thing... now the 60 minutes download time-out....
In my experience, after you upload a big app to MEM, you need to wait at least 1 day to let the CDN or cache or something to be optimized.
Then you should be good to go.
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