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Is Microsoft having issues with the Intune Connector for Active Directory?

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"DiagnosticText":"HTTP request is unsuccessful. [Exception Message: \"DiagnosticException: 0x0000040F. HTTP request is unsuccessful.\"] [Exception Message: \"odjHttp.Call failed. activityId=b9e2af5c-ae2f-4476-b38b-2ed32138ec0d9 parameters={
}\"] [Exception Message: \"Expected:OK Responded:500 (Internal Server Error)\"] [Exception Message: \"{
\u000d\u000a \"error\":{
\u000d\u000a \"code\":\"InternalError\",
\"message\":\"{\\r\\n \\\"_version\\\": 3,\\r\\n \\\"Message\\\": \\\"The AAD client secret used by the StatelessODJService microservice's App ID is invalid or expired. Status code returned: 401 (Unauthorized,
URI: https:\/\/\/secrets\/Sql-amsuc0201-raodj-ctrlsvr-amsuc0201-raodj-db-control-rweUser1-ConnString) - Operation ID (for customer support): 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - Activity ID: b934245c-ae2f-4476-b38b-2ed3148ec0d9 - Url: https:\/\/\/RAODJPlus\/StatelessODJService\/odjConnector\/acquirePendingRequests\\\",\\r\\n \\\"CustomApiErrorPhrase\\\": \\\"\\\",\\r\\n \\\"RetryAfter\\\": null,\\r\\n \\\"ErrorSourceService\\\": \\\"\\\",\\r\\n \\\"HttpHeaders\\\": \\\"{




These are the errors I'm receiving and nothing has changed from our ends as of recent. It stopped working about 5 hours ago.


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What is the event ID? No issues with the connector, are you scoping the deployment profile using dynamic group? What is the status of the connector in Intune side?