Is MDMWinsOverGP cause the Administrative Templates not Working ?

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Hi All,


a Few day a ago i setup the administrative Templates(via Intune) to force the office update and hide the update option  but in the  User status i only see 3/100 user Succeeded deployed, other user status is pending


and today i create the test for Microsoft edge, i found the the administrative Templates for setup home page is not woeking,then I delete it and create another Settings catalog then is working.


I found intune have setup the MDMWinsOverGP enbable is cause this problem or not ?


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MDMWinsoverGPO will only allow Intune to take precedence for enforcing the policy if it conflicts with GPO. However, it doesn’t support all CSPs. Settings Catalog is the recommended way of configuring the policies, but things should work with Admin templates as well. Have you checked the device management events, diagnostic log on the machine for troubleshooting?
hi, @rahuljindal-MVP,May i know is microsoft-windows-appxdeploymentserver-operational.evtx or other ? i see have many .evtx file?
i open the MDMDiagHTMLReport.html found the Blocked Group Policies, contains my policy, in meaning the Admin templates is Blocked ?