Is it able to install two different MDM profiles on iphone or ipad?

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Is it able to install two different MDM profiles on one iphone or ipad?

My customer has already installed and used 3rd party MDM  to all mobile devices to access their company's data, then customer wants to use Teams but it required to install management profile for intune.

In that situation it looks as if it cannot install and work two different MDM profiles on iphone or ipad. Right?

But I think there are so many requests aroud us wanting to use or install two different profiles to iphone or ipad.

I hope anyone who give a guidance in that situation to satatisfy customer.  



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@hongwoo_jin  Yes, you are correct. Two MDM authorities cannot coexist on the same managed device. This is a limitation set by Apple for the iOS/iPadOS platform, so there's nothing that Microsoft can do to change that. The only option would be to enforce app protection policies for the required apps on non-managed devices and remove the conditional access requirement for the device to be enrolled. Additionally, you may substitute the CA requirement for enrolled device with a CA requirement for app protection policy (LINK).