iPhones in InTune and blocking web sites

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I have been struggling over the last few days\weeks.  My client has 500 iphones and I need to manage them in InTune and I need to block a list of web sites on each phone.


I've gotten so far as installing the company portal on the test phone and the phone is showing as a managed device in InTune.  I even built a config profile to block my test site and applied it to the phone.


However, the URL in the policy, is NOT blocked.  The user can access the site, despite the application of the config policy.  


Now, this phone is already owned and it's a BYOD.  I am reading a lot about how InTune uses the Apple content filer and I'm feeling like I will need to wipe the phone and use the Apple configurator.


I was hoping someone could send me a link to a step-by-step so I can get this going.


Thank you

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Your on the right path, Apple content filer will only work on supervised iOS devices. you can do this by wiping a device using with apple configurator or the much better way is to use Apple Business Manager to wipe and supervise your devices.

Hello @crp0499

Your analysis to the case is pretty accurate. However, why would that organisation want to block website? This there a specific reason behind it?