iPads / VPP / The app is installed but a newer version is available (0x87D13B79)

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I deployed apps to our iPads using VPP within intune and it went fine to install the first version.
Now there is an app update available and i have 138 errors stating, "The app is installed but a newer version is available (0x87D13B79)".

I've had a search and it talks about making sure the Assignment is Required, which it is but i still get this message. There are also no restrictions on the devices.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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@Gregzy1987 We are having the same issue and I've opened a Premier support case about this. Have you done the same and if so, have there been any new developments?


We are seeing the issue for Available install intents on our iOS VPP apps. We've configured the VPP profile to allow automatic updating of the applications, and we see the applications with Required intent update.


Do you mind sharing where it stated the application intent must be Required for the applications to automatically update? What is the expected behavior for the administrator when they publish applications through the Company Portal and they're updated? The iOS app store automatically updates application, I would expect the MDM app store to do the same.



We wrote a script against the Intune Graph API to query all iOS VPP applications and create a new group per application containing the devices reporting this error. Each device group is then assigned as "Required" for the respective application. The script will subsequently remove the devices from the group and the group and assignment from any application no longer reporting the error. We have our script scheduled to run every 12 hours.


As a side effect - if a user wants to remove an application currently assigned as Required, they will have to reach out to the Help Desk or wait for the next run of the script. Assuming the app was updated (because it is now a Required application) the next run of the script will remove the device from the group, making the application 'not-required' again and removable by the user from their device.


Hi @Miguel_Garrido 


Would it be possible to share the script?

As i think a lot of us suffer with this problem

@Miguel_Garrido I would be also interested in the script! :)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide any code (corporate policy makes code sharing a difficult process). The best I'll be able to do is the description of what the script does above.

Hope it helps anyone solve the issue before MS starts doing the right thing.