iPad/iPhone and Mac with Intune

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Hello everyone!
This is my first post. We have recently been staring to use Intune, beginning with our PC’s and Samsung phones. Now we’re discussing if we shell or shell not migrate or iPad/iPhones and Macs as well. We’ve got around 1.000 Macs and 2.000 devices. About 90-95% of the are used in school by students and teachers. For the moment we manage the in Jamf Pro. Bellow follows a couple of questions I find very interesting to get some answers for. :

iPad / iOS
Jamf Techer and Apple Classroom

Jamf Teacher
- Create and manage classes
- Create and start lessons
- Share a lesson
- Invite students to a remote class
- Send messages to class or student
- Request apps for students
- Manage students devices, set restrictions for ongoing lesson among other things

Apple Classroom
- Can do much Jamf Techer can, but not all
- Allows you to remote control student

- You can combine both Apple Classroom and Jamf Teacher

Is there any app like Jamf Teacher connected to Intune?


When it comes to Mac in Intune, how long does it in average take to enroll?

Is it passible and is it easy to change/renew a configuration/policy for a Mac that’s already enrolled for an example a month ago?

How about creating and deploying a new coniguration/policy to a already enrolled Mac?

Both iPad and Mac
How close ot release of new OS’s does Microsoft support it?

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