iOS User Enrollment and Intune

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iOS User Enrollment landed in preview today- has anyone gotten it working yet? I have managed Apple IDs and have set up the new options in Intune, but enrollment seems to stop when signing in with a Managed Apple ID. I can't get past installing the management profile - at signing in with the Managed Apple ID, it requires me to sign-in twice. I'm assuming it's succeeding in signing in, but failing in whatever process it uses the ID for, so it asks me to sign in again. Once it's done signing in, nothing happens.

Does anyone else have it working?

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Hi@Nathan Berger As I`m the writer of the first article mentioned by @Thijs Lecomte Yes I got it working, sort of.
I was able to enroll devices without any issue. Things that didn`t (yet) work for me are described in the Conclusion part of my article.


But it would be nice if Microsoft @Intune_Support_Team wrote an article like they did when releasing the preview for Android Enterprise fully managed, so we now what to expect.

@Peter Klapwijk - Thanks! One of my tokens had expired, so it wasn't finishing enrollment. It's all there now.

Playing around with it as well.


Stumbled over two issues so far:


- Enroll to UE from IOS system preferences is not working if the device is on any other language than English

- Apple VPP Download of Apps is not working. Intune blade tells me that VPP is only working with a device running iOS 9.0+ 


Does VPP work for anybody out there? Support hasn't replied to my case yet.



@Nathan Berger - Hello. We have the same problem like you. Can you tell us which tokens was expired and caused this problem? I see in our Intune that MDM push certificate and VVP token are active.  I don't see any other tokens or certifications.