iOS sending photos through Outlook, blocked!

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Using IntuneMDM and have for a while now. Last few weeks had users complain about problems sending photos from Outlook. iOS 13.4.1. 


To replicate, go to photos, hit the send arrow, choose outlook. Get notice "Action not allowed", saying we must sign in with a work account in Outlook. 


Problem is, we only use work accounts and everyone is logged in. I am able to send through Teams, upload to OneDrive, etc. But not through Outlook. 


I tried resetting account, deleting Outlook, etc. Any recommendations? 

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Reading your post, first thing came to my mind ‘app protection policy’? Do you have policy for Outlook/ all apps in place? Specifically this setting ‘Receive data from other apps‘.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Thanks for responding. Yeah, we double checked this and we even removed most of the settings to make certain no conflicts. Its an odd issue that I think has something to do with 13.4.1. I have an open ticket so we will see what they say. 


Fyi- Changing the setting for app config policy takes time for propagation to happen, sometimes three days. I would encourage you to create new policy and remove the affected devices from old policy.