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Dear Community,


I was just on the phone with Microsoft Support which told me that the only way to remove an iOS Device Confiugration Profile from the device is to wipe it and enroll it again - seriously? He even checked with his superior.


Apple states in it's reference:


That there are commands "ProfileList" to list all installed Profiles on the device as well as RemoveProfile to remove such a profile from the device. 


I don't know if Tech Community is the correct place for feature requests - but please implement that, cannot be too hard.




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@tknaller  Your answer is here. If you unassign the configuration profile in Intune, all settings are removed on iOS, except:

  • Allow voice roaming
  • Allow data roaming
  • Allow automatic synchronization while roaming

If you're referring to removing the MDM management profile, go to Settings > General > Device Management, select the profile and choose Remove Management. Removal of this profile may not be permitted if you are using DEP and have enabled Locked Enrollment in the profile.

@eglockling From my multiple tests I can tell it is not true that the profile gets removed from the device when it is a Device Configuration -> Profiles -> Device Restrictions -> Properties -> Settings -> Show or Hide Apps (supervised) kind of guy.