iOS - Prevent WhatsApp from syncing with corporate contacts

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Hello everyone,  
we are using Intune for our MDM Solution and deploy iOS devices via the Automated Device Enrollment Program of Apple. And from the "Device Restrictions" we allow the native iOS contact app to synchronise with exchange, because we want the employees to use the contact app for private and corporate contacts, too. Following the necessary Configuration Setting, to allow the synchronization: 
"Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts accounts" 

But when we set this setting to "Yes" we allow the synchronization to all unmanaged apps. 

We want to allow the employees to use WhatsApp with the corporate iPhone but do not want WhatsApp to synchronize with corporate contacts. 

Does anyone know a way to stop WhatsApp synchronizing with corporate contacts but still give the employees the posibility to synchronize the native iOS contact app with corporate contacts? 

Thanks a lot in advance!

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unfortunately no solution, yet.