iOS Prevent Reset / Profile Removal

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Hi All
I hope you are all well.
Anyway, just to confirm, can the following be implemented on iOS / DEP / Apple Configurator:

Prevent management profile removal
Prevent factory reset
Info appreciated
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@Stuart King  Yes, to prevent the removal of the MDM profile ensure that Locked Enrollment is enabled for the enrollment profile you create for your DEP devices in Intune. The erase all content and settings option on the device can be blocked in the General section of an iOS restrictions profile (requires supervised iOS devices).



Superb, thanks, and what about Location Services? Can the users be prevented from turning this OFF?


Info appreciated

@Stuart King  Not to my knowledge.

Hmmm, not the answer I was expecting.

Scenario I seen lately:

Phone is managed, user turns location services off, user then reports phone lost and gets irrate when IT can't locate it.

So, I guess the question is, what can be done, especially via DEP / Configurator to ensure that the phone can always be located?

Info appreciated

@Stuart King  This setting cannot be managed by an MDM. Apple has not made it available.


the phones that we have, are from the last 5 years ago, so I don't have access to my Reseller account number or customer number so I can't use DEP.

I couldn't find any block from the removal option on the setting!

is there any other way to block users to remove the profile on their company phones which are managed by intune?